Welcome to Zinc Innovation Shout March

With a strong emphasis on products, we start the March Innovation shout with the 10 best smart watches designed to up your wearable game. This one is for all those looking at purchasing innovative products for you or for your clients. Enjoy.

10 best smart watches designed to up your wearable game

An exceptional smartwatch can really transform your everyday life. Since we can honestly use them for everything – sometimes for everything except telling the time...more

These gem-like glasses really make your drinks and snacks shine

Water is vital for life. Humans can survive without food for weeks but would only last for a couple of days without water, proving how essential water is to our bodies. After all, your body is composed of about 60% water...more

Introducing Apple Sports, a new app for sports fans

Apple introduced Apple Sports, a free app for iPhone that gives sports fans access to real-time scores, stats, and more. Designed for speed and simplicity, the app’s personalised experience puts users’ favourite leagues and teams front and centre, featuring an easy-to-use interface designed by Apple...more

This dual touchscreen monitor is the biggest productivity upgrade your laptop can get in 2024

veryone deserves the opportunity to multitask, but not everyone has $3500 for an Apple Vision Pro headset. The metaverse’s biggest feature-push has been its ability to let you host multiple screens in your virtual space, allowing you to work on simultaneous projects or even keep dedicated displays for work/entertainment/inspiration...more

A headphone stand to bring in a tale from nature to your desk

In the realm of design, every product tells a story, weaving together elements of inspiration and functionality. The KIWI Headphone Stand is no exception, offering a unique blend of creativity and purpose that transcends the ordinary. As we delve into the backstory of this captivating creation, we find ourselves drawn into a narrative where nature, aspirations, and practicality converge...more

In a world that is constantly adapting and evolving it important to keep up to date on innovation. The ability to innovate is an important skill that humans can use for future business development. When applied effectively, innovation has many benefits. It can be the key to unlocking new opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge in your industry. Innovation can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

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